Who is Phil Jensen? Some call him the Most Interesting IT Professional in the World.

One thing Phil has refused to tolerate is “PEBKAC”.  If you don’t know what PEBKAC is, then you’ve come to the wrong blog.  A series of logical decisions led to his acceptance of the role of EndPEBCAK.org Spokesmen. But ask Phil how it happened, and his answer will unquestionably be:  “It is What, It is….”

Arguably the first IT child prodigy to recognized by a major news outlet, Phil became a network administrator for the first time at age 12.  He configured his first node to work as a server for the network he created for his cul-de-sac. Not to be labeled as a one-trick pony, Phil simultaneously began his foray into the local music scene. His Pink Floyd cover band (Darkside of the Firewall) burned a trail through the local touring circuit…until the trappings of the road forced him to miss his college graduation commencement speech. It was then that he refocused on his true love: Network Security & Storage.

In 2003, at the mere age of 27, he was listed as one of PC Mag’s “Who’s Next in Information Technology?” His new found fame paid off when he was scooped up by a search engine start-up that aimed to take over the market with their innovative approach to providing search results for celebrity gossip in Angola.

But Phil was unaware that this would lead to the downfall of his prestige in the technology community. Despite Phil’s repeated warnings about the glitchy interface and “ID-1o-T” management errors, the company pressed forward with their launch. After three unsuccessful application launches, the stock price plummeted from $73 per share to a mere $0.79. Along with it, Phil’s dreams of IT glory. The company vanished as quickly as it rose, leaving Phil an outsider to the high fliers in the technology industry. He left Silicon Valley in disappointment, but vowed to recapture the clout that his name had once carried.

Now Phil is back in town, and back to his strengths of configuring and managing networks. He’s picked up a consulting gig at Productive Corporation, (his favorite technology reseller) helping them implement all of the software that they sell into their network.

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